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Thursday, August 13, 2009

That Festival Time Of Year: La Festa Italiana 2009

The Holy Rosary Church Feast is a Jersey City August tradition that has become our own. I couldn't actually say how many summers we have attended but Izzy and I start looking forward to it as soon as June rolls around. I have even taken to planning our vacations around it, so we are sure not to miss it. Last year we made it for at least two nights but this year, one will probably have to suffice.

This festival is always a hit with the kids, especially if they get the $14 bracelet which allows them unlimited runs on the scary blow-up slide, obstacle course, and bungee apparatus. Izzy and friends could not get enough of it.

Our evening began with rides and games and ended with food. Izzy worked up an appetite for the usual rice balls and pizza. His dad tried the stuffed cabbage and pierogi which looked pretty good, considering it is an Italian feast, not a Polish one.

We completed the evening with cotton candy and cannoli. Our friends, who had never before experienced the wonders of an Italian feast, marveled at the kitsch factor and politely tried our favorite foods. Thing is, I am not sure they were as dazzled as we were by the offerings. Izzy's friend was more enthusiastic than his parents, happily gobbling the rice balls and cannoli!

We only chose cannoli because we were too late for the infamous cheesecake which was sold out (yet again) by the time we made it to the pastry table. Perhaps tomorrow's feast goers will be luckier. No matter, though, cheesecake or other, there is much fun to be had at this community event.

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Bean's Mum said...

I'm sorry we got our lines crossed on the night. I sent to an old thread. I would have liked to join you there, weather or not. We can compare notes when you return from the beach. Save us an outing day in the city around Labor Day if you can. xo