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Thursday, August 14, 2008

La Festa Italiana: Holy Rosary Church Festival 2008

Jewish I may be but that does not keep me from being a devotee of the "Italian feast." Living in Jersey City allows me to indulge in the bright lights and greasy fare on a small scale, without having to brave the harsh lights and crowds of nyc. This year's feast began on Wednesday and continues thru the weekend.

Attending thhis summer event has become a tradition for Izzy and friends. This year the rides were the draw, with a moon walk and blow up "obstacle course" causing a sensation amongst the five and under set. Izzy and friends completely wore themselves out racing back and forth between these attractions, sipping lemonade in between.

As far as the food, the line for "Aunt Mary's" rice balls is always the longest. Even though she keeps about four or five deep fryers going, she still can't meet the demand, churning out 400-500 balls on a good day. I'd have to say the novelty is the lure. They're not something you come across on a regular basis, nor or they something most would prepare at home. Still and all, though I might add a bit of oomph to them if I made them myself, I find myself waiting on that line, knowing full well this is the only place I will find myself eating them.

Oh and this year there is some better than average pizza from the Hamilton Park Pizza Cafe(corner 7th and Brunswick). Great news if you live in the Hamilton Park neighborhood.

This year, with the help of A., I discovered the "Wine with Peaches" which was perfect for washing down the rice balls. I somehow missed it in the past but won't forget it in the future. It was definitely a hit with the ladies in our crowd, as friends from near and far gathered around a table with the oldsters in the back, sipping away. Izzy tried to snitch a peach chunk from my glass; uh one thing I won't be sharing with him.

Overall a great time to be had with the kiddies or without, if you simply enjoy the kitsch of it all. We didn't get home until 9:30 and I vowed that would be our only night at the feast this year.

But wait, I forgot to tell you about Rosalie's cheesecakeand the zeppole...to be continued...


marilyn said...

I went to high school a couple blocks from the church but never even knew they had a summer festival. Maybe I'll stop by this weekend! I never would've known about it if not for this blog. thanks!


Izzy's Mama said...

Marilyn: How could you have missed it? Definitely stop by!