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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Plague Of Brown Fruit

After last week's snack complaints, I sent Izzy off to school this morning with snack for the class, a box of wheat crackers and a lovely basket of Empire apples, fresh from Monday's Union Square Market.

Last night he told me that he wanted to cut the apples himself and serve them to his classmates, the way his teacher had taught them last year. He explained that he wanted to do this so that the apples didn't turn "brown and yucky." Sounded like the perfect solution to me so I mentioned it to his teacher and watched as he carried the apples off to his classroom.

On our way home from school, when I asked him how the apples were, I was more than shocked to hear this. "They were brown and yucky and nobody ate them." Was I missing something? Had I purchased rotten apples? How could perfectly lovely apples, cut to order, have turned brown?

According to Izzy's version, "I don't know what the teachers were thinking." As he told it, they cut the apples long before snack, and then set them out, where they promptly turned brown, making them decidedly unappealing.

From what I understand, the children know (or maybe I assume too much) how to cut the apples with a little apple cutting gizmo. Wouldn't it make sense to have them use it just before they are about to eat one? How can we expect children to eat fruit if it is unappetizing?

Obviously I am overly sensitive to these things (otherwise I would not be writing this blog) but I am saddened by the waste of beautiful fruit. Last year, snack had its proper place in Izzy's classroom. This year I am not sure what to think. Until I get to the bottom of the apple injustice, if I send any fruit again, I will be sure to bathe it in lemon juice.


Anonymous said...

AT DJs first day at his new daycare, I stayed through breakfast and cicle time. I was thrilled as the teachers brought out fresh apples and one of those apple corer/slicer gadgets. They brought the whole thing to the table with the kids and sliced it up as the kids looked on and waited eagerly. Not only was it quick & efficient, but also entertaining and effective (no brown). DJ even ate the skin ad asked for seconds! Mabe you could donate a corer/slicer to Izzy's school and suggest the tableside slicing show...

Izzy's Mama said...

Lisa: That is what they used. They did it that way last year and it was swell. For some inexplicable reason they cut them up in advance this year.. and bananas too..ick.