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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Lesson In Good Manners: How To Politely Not Finish Your Food

When food is offered and you are not interested in partaking, a simple "No thank you" does the trick. But how do you worm out of eating something after you requested it and you find that it doesn't suit your tastes? This situation is even difficult for adults so I was quite amazed at how Izzy's friend J. handled himself.

We were all snacking together yesterday at our house when Izzy asked for some bananas with sour cream. When J. heard, he said that he would like to try some too. He ate a few bites and then quickly put his spoon down. I believe he said, "I have had a few bites and that is enough for now." Of course I knew full well that he wouldn't be going near it again, as did his mom who decided to finish it for him.

Later on, Izzy requested some tea. J. seemed intrigued. " Izzy drinks tea? I have never had tea before. May I have some too?" But of course. So I served him some tea, of which he only had a few sips before setting it aside and saying, "I've had enough. I think I'll save it for later." Of course he never gave it a backwards glance.

I see I could learn a thing or two from J. myself (or maybe his mom). Here's hoping some of those wonderful manners rub off on Izzy too.

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