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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Attached To His Apron Strings

Friends and family have helped us build an extensive apron collection. It all began with my friend D., who bought Izzy an adorable light blue oilcloth apron, decorated with a retro-space ship theme. At two, Izzy thrilled to wearing it and still does.

Then we received a dark-blue King Arthur Flour number from my friend L., which was perfect for floury messes. Then I purchased a striped cotton Anthropologie model for him and then he received a personalized chef's jacket and apron from two other relatives for his fourth birthday.

The collection was definitely getting out of hand (and space) and things calmed down a bit until he received the one pictured above. Can't resist the "Izzy Cooks."

It's plain to see I find all of these aprons irresistible but I am not so sure how Izzy feels. Never mind my 98 1/2 year old grandpa who worries that Izzy will remain attached to my apron strings, little does he know!


Anonymous said...

The timing of this post cracks me up (again). My friend from Austin just brought Noe the coolest apron (retro flowered pattern with a frilly hem) when she visited this past weekend. It's big enough right now that it looks more like a skirt than an apron, but we love it just the same. Now I've got to work on my OWN apron collection!

JEP said...

This is adorable:) My grandkids aren't convinced they look cool in aprons:(

Izzy's Mama said...

Lia: There are soooo many cute little girl aprons. The possibilities are endless.

I failed to mention that I too have an apron collection, all sorts of vintage short ones. Many have been gifts and I do love them (I will have to do a post about them).

JEP: How old are your grandkids? Maybe they just haven't found the cool apron!

Anonymous said...

thank you for the post...Izzy does look so professional in his apron!A dove who looks forward to the post everyday!