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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

A Grand Day: A Haircut and Grandaisy Bakery

I haven't had any food-related haircut tales to recount since my experience with Martha at the Eva Scrivo Salon. I do miss going there, not only because of the relaxed vibe and the chance to sit next to Martha but also because A. was an expert colorist and J.D. helped with my hair woes. I had to give them up because I am not Martha and could no longer justify the outrageous prices.

Since my last haircut there I have been shopping around for something eco-friendly and slightly easier on my pocketbook. I ended up at John Masters Organics in Soho, where today I had my first haircut. S. proved to be a hair visionary, inspiring me to get a new do. Only the first wash will tell but believe me, if she can tame my unruly locks, she is a master.

Izzy accompanied me to the salon and managed to remain calm until the cut was over so after the appointment we went over to Grandaisy Bakery for an afternoon snack.
How it is I just discovered this place is a mystery. I guess I just don't find myself in that neighborhood so I sure am glad that I have a reason to go now. In fact, the bakery alone could be a reason to go. If you do, try one of the sandwich cookies and bring home a bread for breakfast or sandwiches. The filone is Izzy's favorite (we have now been three times).


little muumy said...

I can't believe I have not been to this bakery and it's in my neighborhood! I am soo going to go and try some yummies. If you are back around here, give us a buzz, little K and I would love to meet up with you Izzy. :-)

Izzy's Mama said...

Tina: We will be back for the next hair experience. I would email or call but not sure I have your info! Also try the Greek place next door..we had some things from there that were tasty!