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Monday, January 21, 2008

Who Cares? Three Vignettes


A friend asks why I bother to consider (for more than five minutes) why this hot chocolate company did not (in my mind ) properly print the suggested amount of chocolate on the package?" The fact that I went so far as to email the company was above and beyond anything that she would surely consider doing. She seemed to insinuate that this was clearly a waste of time and energy. Instead I should have just adjusted the amount of chocolate to suit my taste and continued along my merry way. What about the other innocent hot-chocolate makers? Plain to see, my friend does not have a food blog, nor spend inordinate amounts of time pondering inconsequential (to her) food-related minutiae.


Izzy and I prepared one of our worst baking selections this week. The recipe was supposedly for something considered to be the "Best" Chocolate-Chip Oatmeal Cookie..I don't know what that baker had eaten previously but for me it fell into one of the worst..should I email that blogger? Should I warn other readers? Perhaps I miscalculated an ingredients. Which seems unlikely given how many times I have baked similar cookies. Who knows? Who cares? ME.


Today we dined with friends at a certain Food Network chef's restaurant. It's chief allure lay in its kid-appeal However, the meal was at best mediocre. It was disappointing and a shame to think that people go to this restaurant expecting an above average meal and are served food that is none too special (except for a few starters which were worthy but not sufficient to render the experience particularly memorable). I prefer not to malign a restaurant which may be having a bad day, however I must take issue with the service. Servers should not allow diners to over-order. This happened to us not once, but twice at this restaurant. The first time was so long ago, we forgot until it happened to us again. The server seemed to indicate that we would all need our own pizza,even the three children under 12.. Of course there were nearly three pizzas left over. We did take them home but that could have been avoided. Should I care?


Anonymous said...

sounds like they all boil down to perspective - how the hot chocolate should be, how good is the cookie, and how much can you/your fellow diners eat. As for the waste of time and energy in e-mailing ... really not much time or energy to do that. the "best" label means nothing ... look at that chalkboard outside of Basic "JC's best Coffee" - yeah .. right - as for the Food Network pizza joint ... portion sizes are a mystery to me at most restaurants. How about posting a cheesecake recipe? ;)

Bean's Mum said...

I agree. Sounds like the restaurant was upselling you. I hate when they make you feel as if you are starving your child when you announce that you and your child will share an entree. And we still end up taking half of it home...

Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous.

Izzy's Mama said...

JM and Bean's Mum: Thanks for your perspective on a particularly peevish post. In retrospect in should have been titled "The PMS perspective" or maybe it was just fatigue.