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Friday, January 25, 2008

Who Says Birthday Food Doesn't Matter?: An Indian Feast

I recall a recent article about children's birthday parties. It stated that one needn't worry too much about the food since kids only care about the cake anyway, being too frenzied to concentrate on real food. I mulled this over and must take issue with it. This author has apparently not partied with Izzy and his friends. The meal and the cake share equal billing, as they should.

I marveled today at the scene at Izzy's friend J.'s house. We were invited to celebrate his little sister's birthday. Upon arrival, fresh fruit was offered and the children snacked and played until a troubadour arrived, revving up the children with music and dancing. When the entertainment ended, an Indian spread, lovingly prepared by J.'s grandma, was laid out upon the counter.

It was amazing to watch nearly all of the children dig into their platter of food, without complaints. Samosas, Sag Paneer, homemade spicy chicken sausages, rice and some type of chickpea dish were offered, with spicy sauces for the grown-ups. Mind you, this was the five and under crowd and they were hungry. These children ate happily and heartily, of course saving room for the cake.

The image of J., his family and friends eating that gorgeous spread of food should provide further inspiration for my mantra: Eat what you love and your children will follow.

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