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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just Say NO: To Toxic Fish

A meal to remember

Izzy's Papa has been issuing warnings for us to stay away from sushi for well over a year now, particularly salmon and tuna. Over the summer he began to insist that we strictly limit Izzy's sushi meals. After today's unequivocal news concerning the state of tuna sushi in our area, there is no question that I need to squelch any inclination to eat it or other large, predatory fish.

When I tell others that we limit Izzy's fish consumption, they always look rather surprised. Why does the fact they we don't want our child to ingest Mercury or PCB's so odd. After all, there are smaller, less toxic, fish in the sea and so many other things to eat.

One friend, who continues to consume such fish mentioned the fact that the government says that once a week is fine. Should we believe these guidelines? Didn't this same government allow our waters to become poisoned with toxins?

Eschewing tuna and salmon in particular is very difficult for me. I grew up consuming weekly portions of bagels, lox and whitefish and one of the few dishes my dad prepared for me when I was a child was tuna salad. I introduced Izzy to those fish delights early on and I am sorry to have to curtail his consumption. Not being able to eat those dishes is a difficult tradition to break and I am not sure I can adhere to an out and out ban.

My solution? We will continue to have an occasional fish indulgence (most likely salmon) and when we do, I will seek out the most ethically-raised, toxin-free fish that I can find. Does such a thing exist? A lox-lover can surely hope!


Anonymous said...

The last time I was at Russ and Daughters (about 2 years ago) they had some non-toxic looking lox. Can't remember exactly the name or from where it had come.

Izzy's Mama said...

What does a non-toxic lox look like? I may be down in the neighborhood tomorrow. If so I will try to check it out.