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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Am Not Crazy: Those Ladies Are Staring At Me

It was a long day. I spent over four hours in the city, foraging for food and supplies for Izzy's party. By the time I dragged my bedraggled self back to the Path Station, I discovered that train service had been suspended and I had to schlep to WTC stop. This was not an appealing prospect since as always, I was a bag-lady personified, with two envirosax, a broken knapsack and my overflowing granny-cart. Thankfully all sorts of good Samaritans helped me carry the granny cart up and down the subway steps.

When I finally found my seat on the Path train, I was exhausted and my allergies had begun to manifest. The train was mostly empty, save for too oldish Asian ladies who were eyeing me and gesturing with one another towards me. They certainly weren't admiring my fetching outfit or my lovely hairdo. What seemed to pique their interest was something in my granny cart, although aside from some parsley peeking out, it was hard to see what was in it. Their conversation was quite animated but I finally gave up trying to figure it out and took to reading something until I reached my stop.

Well they got off too and one of them approached me. The big excitement? At first it was hard to tell as her English was limited but it turns out that they wanted to know if I had personally made my envirosax. They had been coveting my smart shopping bags all along! I showed them the website on the the side of the bag and they nodded and walked away.

See, I am not crazy. They were staring at me!

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