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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dental Drama Averted: A New Day

Izzy's last dental check-up was a complete disaster so I purposely avoided taking him to another dentist until now, nine months after that fateful day.

This time I found a neighborhood dentist, Dr. M., whose office is across town. Izzy seemed calm enough at the prospect, despite his past experience. We received a warm welcome when we arrived. I had prepped the staff in advance and they were extremely accommodating. They tried to engage him and make him feel comfortable.

They also wasted no time getting him into the chair. They immediately set to work with pointy instruments (which didn't bother him at all). Next was the cleaning. The cherry flavor just wouldn't do (note to pediatric dentists..GET CHOCOLATE FLAVORED TOOTHPASTE PLEASE!) He agreed to coconut but shed a few tears when she asked him to taste it.

During the fluoride treatment he let out a few sobs but she did it so fast he didn't really have time to complain. I was amazed at the entire procedure and the bonus of NO CAVITIES and no other complaints.

Izzy's final comments after the fact: We need to bring our own toothpaste to the dentist. Those flavors don't taste like what they say.

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