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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Cat In The Kitchen: More Cat Tales

Last I reported, Mama cat was suffering from empty nest syndrome. It has been about a month now since she has been on her own and we see more and more of her every day. We did spot one of her kittens in a neighbors yard a few times and I heard tell that someone was caring for two of them over on Erie Street. I do hope that they have found good homes.

As for Mama, she often comes to eat three times a day, waiting patiently by the screen door. It seems that she might be in the family way, again, given the sight of her rapidly expanding middle. I am ambivalent as to what to do about this. Certain cat people and neighbors recommend that I have her taken care of, but I hesitate, imagining the cute kittens frolicking in my yard.

Izzy and I look forward to feeding Mama and on occasion, we even invite her in to eat. A few times I have left the back door open while she was eating and she wandered silently into the living room where I was typing. Not realizing she was there, I turned to get up and she dashed back outside. Who knows, perhaps she wants to be our cat?

Last night, during the hurricane-induced rains, I wondered where the poor cat was hiding. I knew she liked to hide under our grill so I was relieved to discover that she managed to stay dry there, hiding on the shelf which holds the propane tank. This seems to be her new hangout, as I have seen her emerge from there on several occasions.

Worried as I was about her whereabouts, it occurred to me to buy her a cat house, so she would have shelter in the event of inclement weather. It might also serve as a place to have her babies. I found these, which are awfully fancy but A. decided he could make one himself. He designed it last night with hopes of getting to it today. Door day number seven prevented him from doing so.

And so I ponder what to do about mama... Any takers for the kitties?



joanie said...

me me me!

hoping izzy is enjoying kindergarten. liam is at lccs and loves it.
the first day was the hardest. (on me not him!)

Izzy's Mama said...

LCCS? Aren't you lucky! Are you serious about the kitten? If so email me. that will build my case for letting her keep the babies.