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Friday, September 5, 2008

Surrounded By Sweets: Trying To Remain Reasonable

But other moms in the park make it soooooooo difficult. Don't they know that I have waited until my child was over five years of age before introducing him to "The Ice Lady"? Isn't it bad enough that he now demands "Icy" every time we go to the park?

Today was a "No Icy" for Izzy day. I mean he had snacked upon a juicy nectarine topped with homemade whipped cream before going to the park. Shouldn't that suffice in the dessert realm?

I made sure to remind Izzy that "Icy" would not be an option today. Note: If you are trying to monitor your child's sweets consumption, it is always best to set out the rules in advance. Diminishes the chances of major tantrums since they know what is in store.

Once at the park, Izzy began to play with a couple of children who were happily licking some "icy." He merely noted what they were eating and went on playing. He then asked for some of his snack to eat along with them. He happily grabbed some cheese cubes and ran off. I was glad to see that he remained unfazed. After all, I very well realize that I can't prevent other kids from eating junk food, it is simply my job to keep Izzy from getting into a tizzy over it.

He handled it marvelously, even when he came back to point out that just moments after finishing their icy, those very same children then went to the ice cream truck and were allowed to purchase soft ice cream cones!

I would have thought he were fibbing, had I not witnessed it with my own two eyes. He remained surprisingly subdued, merely musing aloud as to how it was possible to have both. I, on the other hand, remained speechless, having no explanation.


inland empire restaurant and food reviews said...

Hi Izzy,just checking out your blog hope you dont mind..

Bean's Mum said...

Only I am allowed to have two frozen desserts in one day! Where is my mother when I need her...

Izzy's Mama said...

Bean's mum: I can deal with two frozen desserts in one day..just not back to back!