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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First Day Of Kindergarten: What's In Izzy's Lunch Bag?

My boy has gone off to kindergarten. And what a sad day it was (for me, that is). He scampered off like a puppy dog, nary a backward glance. I guess I'd better get used to it. His kindergarten is a Montessori school that he has been attending for the past two years so it wasn't a scary new school experience. He was happy to return to his comfortably familiar classroom and reconnect with his friends. I knew he would have a fine day. My main concern was his lunch.

Yesterday we were considering lunch together. What he would like and that sort of thing. He said, "You will be eating lunch all by yourself tomorrow while I am at school (sure kid, rub it in)." I told him that although we wouldn't be lunching together, we would be having the same thing. Leftovers! As always, transforming dinner into lunch is the easy way to go.

red quinoa,

mini lamb burgers (cut into bite sized pieces)

yellow and red heirloom tomatoes (cut up into bite-sized pieces)

New Zealand spinach saute

Except for a few complaints, Izzy had a fine day. And a fine lunch too if I do say so myself.


Nurit "1 family. friendly. food." said...

Hi Izzy’s mom!
I’m Edan’s mom. Still waiting for the start of kindergarten as the Bellevue school teachers (that is where we live) are on a strike.
Food is a big concern for me too. I cook at home every day, am a foodie, a personal chef etc. However, I have little experience with sending food to school. What do you send with him that lasts a few hours outside the fridge without spoiling and is still healthy and fresh? Do you send the food in a cooler?
And, does he really eat spinach and red quinoa? Wow!
My son takes it for granted, it seems, that he has good food at home all the time. We make a lot of things from scratch, buy organic and local, and celebrate food. But I’m just about to give up and give him what he wants, pizza and mac and cheese, and shove it down his throat until he begs my to stop because I am tired of arguing with him about food. What keeps me from doing this is the concern that he will actually like it and would never want to eat the good food that we do… oh my.

Izzy's Mama said...

Nurit: The key to a fresh lunch is an ice pack in the lunchbox..works wonders! Even I had them when I was a kid.

He really does eat all of the things I write about. That is all he gets. Don't give in to the mac and cheese, I am sure there is more to your story, as there usually is. You might consider trying the "Bread and Jam for Frances" route and feed him the same thing at every meal until he begs for more but that all depends. Start by reading that book to him.