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Friday, September 19, 2008

He Needed A Shot... (Doctors, Hot Chocolate and Art Class)

Of hot chocolate, that is, and a pretzel croissant to go with it.

After bravely enduring a different sort of shot (DTAP) during his belated 5-year check-up, and watching intently as the nurse drew his blood, Izzy deserved whatever he wanted. Besides, we hadn't had a City Bakery fix in a very long time and I was looking forward to some myself.

We took our pretzel croissants and shots to go (they have perfectly small cups with tops) and hopped in a cab downtown to Izzy's new art class at the Greenwich House School of Music. They have a lovely garden in the back where we sat and sipped. Although his wonderful pottery classes have ended, we were able to follow his beloved teacher G. to a new venue, where she teaches a mixed media art class.

Here's hoping fall will mean more art creations, continued visits to the West Village and more food adventures.

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