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Monday, September 1, 2008

Six Labor Days: A Doormaking Staycation

We should have been at the beach. But because of bad door karma and a perfectionist husband we remained at home, for a rather original staycation. For six days now, Izzy has been a door maker's apprentice. He is being schooled in cement mixing and pouring, door frame production and assembly, and today actual door construction.

For Izzy it is all simply riveting. For me the thrill of a new door keeps me going and I try to ignore the cement dust, sawdust and general dirt that has been swirling about our house as the project goes on.

Aside from the dirt and A.'s suffering, this project has had the most impact on our mealtimes. We have eaten nearly all of our meals outside, on the front stoop. This is fine for breakfasts and lunches which have been toast and sandwiches, but dinners turn into balancing acts, especially for Izzy. He has been managing well and was even able to eat a plate of homemade Chinese food on his lap.

Stoop eating can be fun but last night, after providing three meals a day from Wednesday onwards, I took a break and we had Indian food delivered for dinner. That could not be eaten on the stoop because we needed to spread everything out to share.

Tonight's meal, which should have been a bbq in celebration of our new door, turned out to be rice and beans. Izzy and I ate inside as A. was working hard to complete the project before sunset. He is still working and it is 10:20 p.m. The door is being painted now so expect a celebration in the near future. Stay tuned.

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