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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This Season's Lunchbox

Izzy's old lunch bag finally had to be retired. It had a good life (two years) but with holes poking through the bottom the time had come to bid it adios.

It was easy to find a new one because I went straight back to the Mimi the Sardine website to see what was new. Izzy and I looked together and found this new lunch backpack which is just the right size, roomier than the last bag and so portable. I wanted the jungle version (I might just get it for myself) but Izzy favored the penguins.

These are an adorable safe lunch bag option. No lead, plastic or Dora* to worry about.

*Montessori schools discourage children from wearing or carrying items emblazoned with movie or t.v. characters..bravo to them!


joanie said...

pretty cute.
i wish all schools did away with character items. imagine that.
i'm pretty boring usually go straight for the ll bean one, we both liked the sharks

Anonymous said...

I can still recall my first lunchbox with great clarity, and it happened to be one of those metal ones depicting a TV show .. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. What about you L? A Trolls lunchbox perhaps?

Izzy's Mama said...

Joanie: It would be great, wouldn't it?

jm:I did not have a lunchbox. Brown bags for me!