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Friday, October 10, 2008

According To Alice Waters

Who spoke at the Times Center tonight as part of the first annual New York City Wine and Food Festival; if schools taught eco-gastronomy according to her Edible Schoolyard model, we could turn our children into little eco-gastronomes.

It was wonderful to be present for her discussion and hear her answers to the thoughtful questions from the audience. There were many schoolteachers and others who hope to improve the public school cafeteria situation. Unfortunately her answers always led back to the same thing: the federal government needs to step in to add extra funds to improve the breakfast and lunch programs in schools, ultimately saving money in the long run , when children grow up healthier as a result of eating better.

At the end of the discussion there was a wine and chocolate tasting and we had a chance to have her sign our books. My friend L. asked her what she did on airplanes and she said she would never eat airplane food and always has something with her so that she doesn't have to (glad I am not the only one).

When it was my turn to have my book signed, I told her how I was raising my own little eco-gastronome and she said "Bravo. Keep it up." Which, of course, I will continue to do.

p.s. She looks awfully good for someone I imagine is in her 60's. It must be all of the local, organic foods she eats!

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, what a great experience! I'm a big fan.