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Thursday, October 30, 2008

What Does Manchego Smell Like?

1. Nutty

2. Creamy.

3.Like vomit.

Could it be the answer is a matter of opinion?

My friend R. sent her daughter to school with a snack of aged Manchego and crackers yesterday.

Today at breakfast her daughter M. said, "Mama, the teacher told me my cheese smelled like vomit. She said it was expired." R. could not believe her ears but her daughter repeated the same words. R. immediately called the school. It seems like someone at that school may need lessons in grace and courtesy.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Manchego, but I guess that's sort of beside the point! Very rude comment!

Anonymous said...

Well as the mommy who packed the Manchego (and by the way I packed it with organic grapes and drizzled the cheese with wild flower honey from the farmer's market), I have to tell you that I wanted to give that teacher a piece of my mind. I called the school and the principal promptly called me back. She had first interrogated the teachers who of course changed some of the words around and the sequence of events.

I told the principal that I was not planning on changing Madison's cheese preferences because her teachers were only aware of cheese in the form of that hedious childhood staple (in this country anyway) string cheese. She assured me she had spoken to the teachers and that it would not happen again. She then took Madison for a walk and talked to her about how lucky she was that her mommy packed her such wonderful food everyday and they talked about Madison's weekly trip to Whole Food's to pick out a new cheese with Dana, the cheese master.


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The smell is sharp, like that of a cheddar, but the flavor is closer to a tangy colby.