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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Can't Get That Cat Out Of My Mind

Where was "Mama" after giving birth? Shivering somewhere, huddling with kitties? Hungry? I had no idea. So at midnight last night, I went out into my cool, dark yard, calling softly for "Mama", who I hadn't seen since Saturday.

"Mama cat. Mama cat. Mama cat." My soft pleas went unanswered as I made my way around the periphery of my yard. I don't like to be alone, outside in the dark but I had to do it. I headed inside and locked the screen door and finished puttering about the kitchen. Less than five minutes passed and then, lo and behold, she appeared by the door! My heart was aflutter. Sweet Mama had returned, sans bump, her girlish figure intact.

As soon as I opened the door, she entered the kitchen and set to eating, quite ravenously at that. She then explored the kitchen, peered into the living room and dashed out the door. I tried to see where she went but she sped away into the darkness.

Come this morning, I called for her again, while we were eating breakfast. No sign but she appeared after I dropped Izzy at school. She came in and ate quickly. This time I watched as she disappeared into my neighbor's yard, overgrown and jungle-like, it seemed the perfect hiding place for kitties, but I saw none.

Later on I went back to look for her. I just had to find her. I climbed up my back wall (mind you I am not the most agile of creatures and this was in flip-flops) to gain a better vantage point. Still nothing. I came down and walked along the wall, peeking into the vegetation through the chain link fence when quite surprisingly, I found myself face to face with Mama. I had never been that close to her before and she didn't budge. For a moment I thought I had found the wrong cat since I expected her to jump. She just sat there, immobile as I looked at her, wondering where the kittens were.

I couldn't quite grasp what had happened. Why was she sitting there, so still, with no kittens? Then, as I saw something dark wriggle, I realized she was practically sitting on top of them. I didn't want to frighten her so I left.

All day long I pondered ways in which I could help her.

Come dinner time I was yakking on the phone when I noticed her sitting on the porch of her cat house. I could only hope that the kittens were inside. She came in the kitchen to eat and I saw the house was empty. After her meal I watched as she made her way up the fence back to her nesting spot.

So far the general consensus is to leave her and her babies be, for at least a few weeks. When the kittens grow stronger it will be easier to get them and less stressful for Mama. I want to take them all, Mama too. I have two potential takers for the kittens and I want to keep one kitty and Mama (who will probably remain an outdoor cat, but a fixed one who can visit). If there are more kittens, any other interest?

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