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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bringing the Farm Home: Catalpa Ridge CSF Delivers to Hamilton Park

This is my second year hosting a CSF/CSA (Community supported farm/agriculture) at my house. Farmer Rich, of Catalpa Ridge Farm, delivers fresh produce, mainly vegetables, herbs and some fruits every Tuesday to my front yard. Once there, Rich and I, or a volunteer, sort the produce for our members who simply stop by and pick up their share.

I discovered the concept of the CSA two years ago when we participated in one that was based at a local church. Izzy and I would walk across town to the OLC church and pick up our share from Farmer Ted. He delivered an overabundance of Swiss Chard, along with some lovely tomatoes and a small variety of other vegetables. The quality of the produce was impeccable, however, there was a lack of variety and quantity. Overall, though, it was a positive experience, for both Izzy and me. I loved the idea of knowing exactly where my vegetables came from and that they were not only pristine but pesticide-free. We also enjoyed our weekly outing to see the farmer. To top it off, Izzy developed a (hopefully) life-long love for Swiss Chard.

It occurred to me that I might be able to enlist another farmer who might be able to use my home as a drop-off point. I had heard about Catalpa Ridge from my since moved neighbor, A., who regaled me with wonderful images of her past deliveries, which included bags overflowing with herbs, vegetables and fruits. As it turned out, Farmer Rich was amenable to the idea and thus the Catalpa Ridge at Hamilton Park CSF was born.

Izzy and I were both eagerly anticipating the first-drop off. The morning of, Izzy asked, "Will he bring Swiss Chard?".."Not today but maybe next week."

Today we received the season's first lettuces, Baby Red Iceberg Lettuce, Cimarron Red Lettuce, and Crisp Mint Green Lettuce. He also brought green garlic, collard greens, a tiny bunch of broccoli and fresh mint. I prepared a lovely mixed green salad to accompany our dinner of Pasta with Peas, Corn and garlic greens, which we shared with our neighbors, E.and E. I look forward to a season of plentiful produce.

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boogaloo dude said...

and it was delicious i must say. bursting with natural flavors.
thanks again!