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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me

Indeed it was my birthday yesterday. When I woke up I told Izzy that he ought to be extra nice to me because it was my birthday. He asked if we were having a party. I told him I was not planning on throwing a party for myself and he said, "But you always make parties." I said "Not for myself." His reply, "I will help." Hmmm...maybe another birthday.

I had other plans. It was time for some primping in the city which unfortunately cut into lunch time. So I packed a lunch for Izzy and his babysitter L. and they went to a park in the city while I had my hair done.

I figured we would go for some birthday gelato at Cones, which we did after Izzy had his hair cut at Doodle Doo's (note to self: Don't go there on Saturdays, it is a madhouse). I had a medium cup of banana and chocolate gelato with their secret whipped cream. So creamy, dreamy and smooth, just as I had imagined. Izzy had dark chocolate and mint-chocolate chip. He deemed the mint-chocolate chip to be better than what he gets in Jersey City. I love that he is beginning to make comparisons on his own. I didn't even have to ask. I still maintain that the Cones experience beats Grom any day..though I will test Grom a few more times to be sure.

After that it was onward home, where we were stuck at the Path by a sudden downpour. By the time we got finally go there, it was time to go out for dinner. It was my birthday after all.

I had thought we would try Soul Flavors but we went back to our old standby and JC favorite, Marco and Pepe. I eat there time and time again and it is consistently good. Izzy favors their risotto and this time was no exception. He had the lobster-mushroom risotto and I had the burger. When the waitress came over to take our order, I said, "He will have the..." and she cut me off to tell me about the kid menu. I cut her off to say no thanks and Izzy piped in, " I WANT the risotto..." That's my boy!

The meal was lively as we were seated next to a preschool teacher from a school in Izzy's building. He is familiar with Izzy and seemed interested in our meal so we spent a good deal of time chatting with him. He marveled at Izzy's appetite which always makes me proud, especially on my birthday.

In all, I had a relaxing, unevently birthday and I figure that when Alex comes home..I may have at least another birthday celebration in my future.

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