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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Green(s), Eggs and No Ham

We prefer bacon instead. I had some collard greens left over from last week's farm delivery and a few bacon slices in the fridge. It was time for another variation on my egg, starch and vegetable dinner. Tonight we had collard greens sauteed with red onion and bacon, fried eggs and rice. Izzy savored his greens, licking his fingers after each bite (forks don't always figure into the equation when he is extra hungry and I am hoping that phase ends soon enough). It turned out to be a fine, simple repast. And as a bonus, my fridge was empty and ready for the day's new delivery from Catalpa Ridge.

The bounty of the week included:

Mixed Lettuce
Mixed Chard
Green Garlic
Herb of the Week: Cilantro

I see a Mexican meal in our future....and of course a big bowl of Swiss Chard for Izzy.

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