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Friday, June 8, 2007

Izzy's First School Picnic: International Fare

The Hamilton Park Montessori School organized a year-end picnic in the park. A perfect way to gather students, parents and staff together to mark such a wonderful first year! All of the parents were asked to provide food or drink for the party. As the students are quite the international bunch, I looked forward to finding an assortment of homemade delectables.

Izzy and I prepared one of my specialties, Strawberry Cheesecake. I managed to get local strawberries which Izzy was happy to eat and use to adorn the cake. I had hoped to prepare something else but somehow life got in the way.

Izzy and I were in the park early so we watched as the teachers and staff set-up. The tables were quickly filled to capacity with all manner of interesting dishes. There was hardly room to accommodate them all so the desserts were temporarily relegated to the grass. Some of the stand-outs from the evening were Beancurd skins stuffed with rice and vegetables (who made this??), A chicken dish which seemed somewhat reminiscent of Adobo Chicken, and some assorted Indian(?) appetizers. There were many other items but I had no room on my plate to include them all. One mom made two trays of Macaroni and Cheese. Of course it was not surprising that I noted many of the kids enjoying it , Izzy included. I am not opposed to Macaroni and Cheese at all, especially homemade but I just have to wonder what the kids would have eaten if that had not been a choice? It reminded me of the article about kid menus from the other day.

Izzy tried some chicken and he also liked the Beancurd Skins but he ate more of the Macaroni and Cheese because it was there (and it was good). As for desserts, I was disppointed to see that there were only a few homemade choices, which included some lovely green frosted cupcakes, some chocolatey looking muffins and my cake (which disappeared quickly with barely a morsel for Izzy and me). Izzy managed to snag a green cupcake which he refused to share with me..must have been mighty tasty!

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