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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Fair Fare: The French Know Best

Yesterday Izzy and I attended a school fair fundraiser for a local elementary charter school. I was anticipating the unhealthy eats we would find there and contemplating how I would deal with Izzy's requests for hot dogs, cotton candy and other khazeray.

The event basically consisted of some crafts, a raffle, music and ordinary fair fare like hot dogs and cotton candy. I did note some Caribbean food out of the corner of my eye but steered clear since we had eaten lunch not long before. I figured snack food of some kind would be in order but what would I allow the boy to eat? When I noticed the crepe stand, manned (womanned?) by two neighborhood French moms, I breathed a sigh of relief. Crepes would surely fit the bill as a decent snack treat.

When calls of "I'm hungry bungry" arose, we made a bee-line to the crepe stand where I ordered one filled with raspberry jam. It was such a hit that a little while later there was a request for another, this time with sugar. And then, we had a third one with apricot jam. Thanks to Alice, owner of Madame Claude Cafe, who claimed to have made batter for 1000 crepes, Izzy managed to ignore the unwholesome treats available.. Or so I thought. On our way home he asked when I would let him try some cotton candy...As I used to hear as a child, "We'll see."

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