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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Most Wanted: For Sugar Pushing..

If you see this woman, call the sugar police. Note the evil smile as she lures my child with his first ring pop.. He hadn't even eaten a proper dinner at the time. When I found them together it was too late. He had been drawn in, by the call of tooth-rotting sweets. I was powerless as he began to lick and I was told, "He can have it. I gave one to all of the other kids."

I was saddened to watch as his tongue and lips turned orange, which I must say, paled in comparison to the blue tongue of his partner in crime. The worst part was, he would not put the dreaded ring down and it must have taken him a least an hour or more to finish it, by which time it was too late for dinner and dessert was being served. He did wash it down with a brownie and two glasses of milk.

What is a candy-monitoring mama to do??


boogaloo dude said...

first, happy belated! second. the sugar. not sure what a mama's to do. i'm guilty of loving sugar from time to time as well.
(miss solaka)

Anonymous said...

forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest - happy belated birthday too -