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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My Very Hungry Caterpillar (Egg)!

Izzy made his debut today in his preschool performance of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He was the egg. He surpised me by actually singing along with the others, as he is known to simply observe. He sang in Spanish and English. The performance lasted more than 20 minutes, cutting dangerously close to lunchtime. When it was over, an immediate snack was required so Izzy grabbed some carrots from Mr. Drew on our way out.

Grandma Laurie and Grandpa Joe, the only grandparents to attend the performance, had planned to take us to lunch. I thought we would go into the city but the star requested sushi (ugh, enough with the sushi) and so we went to Komegashi Too yet again. Izzy kept opining for "salmon sushi" and so I ordered a lunchtime sushi platter for him. When it arrived it had tuna, salmon, yellow tail, eel and fluke, along with a California Roll. He looked at the platter and announced, "Look at all the different colored salmon sushi". I kept smiling when Grandma Laurie, indulged this by saying, "Why yes, there is eel salmon and yellow tail salmon..etc. One highlight of the meal was that he sampled some tobiko which topped Grandma Laurie's sushi roll. He seemed to enjoy the crunchy texture.

He seemed quite pleased with his sushi yet despite his claim of being "very hungry" after having eaten about two pieces and one piece of shumai, Izzy announced he was done. He then requested a large bowl of ice cream. So I told him it was not ice cream time and that I would wrap up the sushi for him and he could have it later.

We left the restaurant to take the Path to NYC and on the subway platform he requested his sushi, which he sat eating in his stroller. As they say, kids won't starve themselves. However, if you ply them with salty snacks or desserts on demand, they will never get the opportunity to demonstrate!

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