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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Izzy's Papa Makes A Brief Appearance: English Breakfast For Brunch

Izzy and I had high hopes for welcome home eating festivities but they just didn't pan out. A. was scheduled to arrive by dinnertime last night but his flight was delayed so I put our celebratory dinner on hold. Instead, Izzy and I dined on takeout from Soul Flavors (stay tuned for that review). Later, when A. finally arrived, Izzy was already in bed so I just prepared a small salad for him as a light after landing dinner.

This morning, though, we all enjoyed an early morning breakfast of tea and biscuits, which Izzy helped bake. This was followed later by an English breakfast brunch, eaten out in the yard. A. and I have fond memories of English breakfasts together from way back during his stay in Bristol. In Britain they are usually a rather greasy affair, the eggs seemingly deep-fried, served along with both bacon, sausage, beans, toast, fried tomato and sometimes a fish.

When I prepare this at home it is somewhat healthier. We have eggs over easy, Heinz Vegetarian Beans, toast and bacon (Niman Ranch), sometimes a tomato if I have a good one. I am happy to report that Izzy has slowly come to enjoy this breakfast. In the beginning he would mostly eat the beans and have a tiny bite of this or that. Today he nearly cleaned his plate, though not of the beans. Fickle boy!

This English breakfast thing is an enigma to me. The Brits I encounter don't seem to really eat them. Are they a relic from another time that only remain in Bed and Breakfasts? They are still served at Tea and Sympathy here in NYC so some Brits must be eating them. I would love to hear some British memories of this meal.

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