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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sardine Scene

I rolled open a tin of King Oscar "brisling" sardines. Izzy watched with great interest.

Izzy: "Have I had those before?"
Me: "Yes, but not for awhile. They are like big anchovies."
Izzy: "Do we have any anchovies?" (goes to check..)
Me: "No, why don't you have one of these. They are so good for your body and they taste a bit like anchovies."
Izzy: "Mama, I want a bite of the tail. The tail is tickly.....ummmmmm. It's good...(takes another bite)

I guess this shouldn't surprise me since sardine eating runs in the family, on both of my sides anyway. Great-grandpa always has a stack of tins and Grandpa Joe used to eat sardines on black bread with cream cheese. In my many travels I have unearthed a whole world of sardines and I was just as fascinated as Dorie Greenspan to discover how many varieties actually exist. Our honeymoon, on Belle-Ile-en-Mer, led us to a veritable sardine treasury. I still have the vintage tins, too far past their prime to open.

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