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Friday, March 28, 2008

A Dear Scones Letter: I didn't mean to dump you

Dear Chocolate-Chip Orange Scones,

You have always been my most beloved of scones. The ones everyone likes to eat. The orange zest and juice meld so sweetly with the mini-chocolate chips. You are moist when others are too dry. You are perfect for breakfast and teatime or just whenever.

Today, when I knew Izzy would be going directly from school to the Liberty Science Center with friends I chose you as the perfect snack. All was going according to plan when I began to mix your dough but when I went to scrape the bottom of the mixing bowl, I accidently turned on the mixer and the pastry scraper got caught and a shard of plastic broke off and ended up, I know not where. I found a small piece beside the mixer but it seemed that an even smaller one had gotten blended into the dough. Given that it was practically the same color as the dough, it was impossible to unearth.

I rolled out the dough, despite my misgivings, trying to convince myself that it was merely the tiniest piece of plastic, certainly not a choking hazard or anything harmful. So I placed you in the oven carefully and then began to dwell over some innocent child gagging on the tiny bit of plastic. I then thought it best to seek some advice so I called my friend H., a true Brit and scone-lover. I knew what was coming all along but I needed encouragement. I truly didn't wish to do you any harm. But you had it coming.

I had to dump you. The shard had jagged edges. What if it got caught in someone's throat? Or scraped a stomach? You smelled delightful and looked so sweet but you weren't for me anymore. I am so sorry but I had to do it. You'll be better off without us anyway. No, no I mean we will be better off without you.

I must confess now, that I immediately made a replacement. No, I didn't have enough orange juice but cream was a suitable substitute. The image of you amongst the egg shells and butter wrapper will haunt me for months to come but I know I did the right thing. Please forgive me.

I will use your recipe forever,

Izzy's Mama

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