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Friday, March 14, 2008

Misery DOES NOT Love Company

At least not in the form of an ever ebullient, mischief-making Izzy. So I suppose it is a good thing that I spent the day without him. Two days in a row without Izzy..It has never happened before and it made me especially weepy but I knew if he were here he would have been jumping on the couch (and my last nerve), while blasting Brady Rymer. As it was, as soon as he arrived, he knew just how to get my goat. Never mind that he came in sporting some green boogers oozing from his eye (oh joy!) but he was also carrying a snack pack of Goldfish (on the bright side they weren't Rainbow)from I know not where, along with a juice box. All of this even that much more distressing after having spent the afternoon reading about the Weston Price Foundation.

Well I tried not to bite too hard. I let him have a few more and finish the juice. At which point he requested a healthier snack. He ate that and waited at the table for dinner. I was waiting for it too and soon enough, Papa brought something home and calm resumed. Until Papa tried to get him ready for bed (an ultra-rare occurrence) and I heard him crying for me. I had to go up because I hadn't played with him all day and he went right to sleep.

Here's ever hoping for a healthier tomorrow and the ability to photograph myself with the flu so that I look as cute as this woman. How dare someone look so cute with the flu while I look like a sea hag?

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