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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Would You Take Coffee From A Stranger?

I know that I certainly wouldn't nor do I think I would offer it. My husband, though has different ideas. We were on our way to take Izzy to see the play Really Rosie early Sunday morning. A. was bleary-eyed after only four hours of sleep and in desperate need of a pick-me-up. We passed a Starbucks on the way and he insisted on stopping. He even wanted to take the time to drink it there but since the play was starting in 10 minutes I convinced him to take it along and drink it there.

Once on line to pick up our tickets, another dad spied his coffee and moaned about how he too was in dire need. A. immediately came to his rescue, making the generous offer of "sharing" his, even though he already sipped it. He somehow located a clean cup and poured half of his coffee into for this dad. I vouched for A.'s health and the dad thanked him, mentioning something about how great New York was...

Izzy witnessed this entire exchange and what I wonder now is if he will think it is okay to share beverages with strangers or to bite on something that someone else has already bitten.. Is it? I for one don't think so. Though I do commend being kind to strangers, this may have gone a bit too far.

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