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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

No Disrespect To Groundhogs: The Real First Sign Of Spring

When it is warm enough to eat gelato, you know spring is in the air. Pouring rain did not keep us from making our way downtown, after the allergy fun, to Izzy's pottery class. We were early and I was in need of a snack. Izzy may have stuffed himself with purse food but the warm damp air put me in the mood for some gelato.

We had just enough time to stop at L'Arte del Gelato before class. Izzy claimed he wasn't in the mood for anything until I opened the door and he gazed upon the lovely display case. I had Nutella and Canella (cinnamon) and he had Fruitti di Bosco (fruit of the woods or mixed berry).

Yes. Spring is in the air!

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