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Friday, March 7, 2008

New Polish On The Block: Sava Polish Deli

The demise of Tania's(their basil-flecked potato pierogi were a step-up from ordinary Polish-fare) on Grove Street, saddened many of the Jersey City pierogi-eating contingent, myself included. The good news is that a replacement has arrived in the form of Sava Polish Deli (inexplicably, their sign says Diner).

We had our first sampling from there last night. After emerging from the Grove Street Path Station, I opted to walk home in the pouring rain just so that I could pick up our dinner from Sava, which I had been eyeing from across the street for a few weeks now. It isn't much to look at, a mostly unadorned space with a deli case of kielbasa and other polish deli items and a small refrigerated case with pickles and other Polish condiments.

The steam table is where all of the homemade prepared items are found. The owner pointed out the various options and I chose two combination platters and an extra side of potato pierogi. Each platter came with one large piece of stuffed cabbage, one piece of kielbasa, a mound of sauerkraut and three pierogi. She packed this all to go for us, all the while mentioning something about making pierogi with her eyes closed.

By the time Izzy and I arrived home, I was soaked to the bone. I had no umbrella having given it to Izzy who remained completely dry. I was comforted knowing a warm meal would await us. I liked to imagine that this was a meal that a Polish grandma would make. One platter with a few extra pierogi was perfect for Izzy and me to share. It was a warm, filling meal on a damp rainy night. Definitely a great takeout option for our neighborhood.

(If I could just get over wondering about the provenance of the meat I would feel so much better eating there but that is my problem, not yours!)

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Bean's Mum said...

So sad to hear about Tania's closing. Despite other comings and goings, it was one of the first restaurants in JC where we ate and remained one of our favorites!

I hear Clifton has some good Polish delis: you've reminded to explore that territory...