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Thursday, March 13, 2008

If Not For The Kindness Of Friends And Neighbors

I would be stuck at home with this rotten flu, slowly dehydrating and serving Izzy fridge compost for dinner.

Instead I behold a fridge full of yogurt and milk courtesy of D., lovely bananas and kiwis, thanks to H. and a gorgeous new Whole Foods Tote filled with Izzy's favorite in-house sliced turkey, organic fruits, vegetables and other various and sundry goodies with many thanks to R.

And so with my fridge adequately stocked and some Vietnamese Chicken Soup at the ready for tomorrow's lunch, I can contemplate another day of hacking misery on the couch as I battle this beastly flu without antibiotics.

This may be something that you have thought is perhaps unnecessary or unthinkable but is actually okay as long as you are not in a high risk category. What I discovered is that if you want Tamiflu, it needs to be taken within two days of symptoms or it isn't effective, otherwise they will prescribe a Z-pack, some sort of high dosage treatment which I have no inclination to subject my body to, unless I take a significant turn for the worse.

Which leads me back to the couch, sipping fresh ginger, lemon and honey concoctions hoping this wretched ailment will finally go away. If it doesn't go away soon, Izzy is probably going to run away from home in search of friendlier faces and better things to eat. As it was today, he stayed at school until three and then had the good fortune of going to play with his friend I. at the park and then at her house. I should have had plenty of time to rest but I am still tired.

Here's hoping for a better day, when I can once again taste food.

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