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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sunny Side Down: Broken Will Not Do

And so is my life.. my camera is broken, my sciatica is flaring up, I still can't taste, ants are dancing in my kitchen and my fridge is slowly emptying. Yet the fact remains that I still need to feed Izzy, though I am trying to do so with minimal effort.

There was leftover spaghetti from last night in the fridge so I figured I was off the hook for lunch, but no. I had to go and mention eggs and then Izzy requested one with his spaghetti, sunny-side down. I had to go through three eggs before I got it right. You see the first attempt stuck to the pan. Apparently an egg is not worth eating if one cannot burst the yolk and then dip bread or fork in to scoop it up. Time for Egg #2 which contained a large blood red spot (not kosher..nor am I but I just can't stomach the thought) so I had to toss it. Success came with Egg #3, which Izzy happily consumed alongside a heap of cold spaghetti.

That egg experience zapped me of all energy. Saved by Taqueria takeout.

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