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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brussels Sprouts Destalker and Cranberry Mold Maker: Izzy's Thanksgiving Contributions

Izzy and I had the whole day together to spend preparing our four dishes for the Thanksgiving meal. The first job was Brussels sprout destalker. Buying the sprouts on a stalk (if you can find them that way) is definitely the freshest way to go. I showed Izzy how to use a small sharp knife to slice them off. He immediately set to work.

When his task was completed, I prepped the sprouts for tomorrow by slicing them in half. The will be used to make this.

Next on the agenda was our Cranberry-Port Molds. He washed the cranberries and picked through them. He also added all of the ingredients to the pot, stirring and watching it while it simmered.

Meanwhile, I prepared the pastry dough for the Tarte Tatin ( I promise a recipe for this soon) and peeled the parsnips for this. Instead of a cooking frenzy, it was a leisurely day, with time for a walk to the bakery and supermarket, and games interspersed throughout. Ahhhhhh.

Tomorrow we will complete the dishes and cart them all to my friend L.'s Thanksgiving Feast.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

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