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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Poor Cat

Mama is not doing well. Since I brought her home last night she has become increasingly lethargic. She has not peed or pooed and has only eaten very small amounts of food. She has been curled up in the same spot behind the bathtub since about 4 p.m...

Izzy must have been thinking about her all day because he came home from school waving the card above, announcing that he had made it for her. He also asked if we could get some more cats so we could be like this woman:

I promise I won't let it come to that. Let's all hope she is better in the morning so that she will be our one and only cat and live to eat some of the smoked trout I got for her at the greenmarket today. She certainly tore it up the last time when I left her the skin, bones and head.


Smashley said...

Call the vet, but sometimes they are like that after spay surgery. It hurts!

Izzy's Mama said...

She has improved!

Smashley said...

Oh good! My male cat had a fit after his neuter (yowled for hours on end - vet said it was normal) and my female cat was a lethargic lump (also normal per the vet).