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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Case of The C@&$y Cupcake:

Who dunnit and Why?

My day was going along swimmingly. I did everything I needed to do before it was time to pick up Izzy from school. I even bought some luscious "pains au chocolat" from Bouley Bakery, which would be a real treat for him and his friend T...

And so, in fine spirits, I went to pick him up. We said our "Happy Thanksgivings" and were on our way. All of a sudden he remembered that one of his teachers had forgotten to give him something, a cupcake. There was a frenzied rush to go back and retrieve it. I didn't think much of it but he insisted on going back for said cupcake, which he informed me, came from the Yellow Room. I figured it must be a special, homemade cupcake but was unsure why it belonged to him, since he is not in the Yellow room.

We followed Izzy as he zoomed around the corner in his quest, just as Miss L., his teacher arrived with a cupcake, still in its plastic box. When I saw it, my face must have crumpled (or so said my friend S.) I thanked his teacher but told Izzy we would have plenty of goodies at home but we wouldn't be taking the cupcake.

Oh the tears that fell. How could I have done this? On and on he wailed.
I didn't realize the anguish it all would cause, not only to him but to me.
We made it home and thankfully his friend T. perked him up.

And then I was left wondering. What were Izzy's teachers thinking? I do love them but were they blinded by some holiday, sugar -induced cloud? I surely am not opposed to cupcakes, and especially love baking and eating them, so long as they are special cupcakes. Made with love or from Baked! But why was this cupcake bequeathed to him and not the other children?

I must be missing something. As was Izzy, who at bedtime asked why I didn't let him have the cupcake. Perhaps it was a special cupcake after all, in which case I am awfully sorry that I kept him from eating it. If not I'd still love to know the story behind it.


Anonymous said...

I guess I don't see what you gain here: insult the teachers, make your child cry, for what?

Everyone knows that you insist on healthy food.

Why be mean about it, too?

I understand that there is meant to be a principle involved, but if you still don't know the provenance of the cupcake, what's the principle?

Izzy's Mama said...

Anonymous: In retrospect I do feel some remorse for how I handled the situation. I am not sure how I could have done it differently, other than graciously accepting the cupcake and then not allowing him to eat it later. I would have avoided public sobbing and "insulting" the teachers. Although I am not sure that is what I did. In fact I think the cupcake may have been purposely "forgotten" by them because they knew I wouldn't want him to have it. They probably didn't expect him to come back asking for it.

As for the principle? Izzy really doesn't need any gratuitous treats. Most store-bought cupcakes are filled with food coloring and corn syrup, ingredients which cause wacky behavior. Sure if his classmates are all having something, he is certainly allowed to participate but that was not the case.

Of course in the event that this was a special cupcake I apologize profusely for all I offended and disturbed!