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Friday, November 7, 2008

The Unstoppable Eater: Izzy Meets His Match

She is the two and a half year old sister of his friend E. Her name is L. and she sure can eat!

We all shared in a most pleasurable meal at Grand Sichuan, our new favorite Chinese restaurant on Grove Street. We have become increasingly fond of eating there. This all happened a few months ago when we bumped into some neighbors as we were on our way in. S. and his daughter S., who are regulars, inspired us to try many new dishes. I let them choose and we tried their favorites. From Spicy Ox Tongue and Tripe, to Soup Dumplings and Whole Fish, everything was well-seasoned and delicious.

Their favorites have since become ours and we had the pleasure of introducing our friends to the wonderful spicy flavors, so much more vibrant than typical American Chinese food. Some of the dishes we shared tonight (along with the aforementioned ones) were Cold Cucumber and Scallions, Shredded Duck With Green Beans, Tea-Smoked Duck, and Pumpkin with Scallions and Ginger.

Everyone ate heartily but L. was a sight to behold. From the moment the food arrived at the table, she did not stop eating. Her hand roved from plate to plate, in search of edible morsels. I watched in awe as she pressed a sliver of duck fat joyously into her mouth. She tried every dish, except the Ox Tongue which was not placed in close proximity for fear that it would be too spicy (Izzy has tried it a few times but has professed that it is too spicy for him).

As. L. entertained herself with food, Izzy and his pal E. finished their dinner and quietly amused themselves with the ever important toy bag which I bring along when occasion warrants. They also had endless fun working on a mini- puzzle which I highly recommend for restaurant outings.

A fine time was had by all and I look forward to our next outing with L. and company. What will she savor next?


jenna said...

i love watching 2 year olds eat. my youngest once ate more than any adult at an italian restaurant! i will add a mini puzzle to our "go bag" for our boys.

Izzy's Mama said...

Jenna: Those mini puzzles are restaurant life-savers.

Izzy's Mama said...

Jenna: Those mini puzzles are restaurant life-savers.