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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mama Cat: First Days At Home

So Mama has been safely installed in my bathroom since Tuesday evening. Her behavior has changed drastically since that first night when she spent most of the time on the windowsill.

The second day she seemed downright despondent, barely eating or drinking. Now her appetite has returned and she eats whatever I offer.

Although she eats, she doesn't seem to be herself. She spends almost all of her time curled up on a small towel beside the bathtub, only getting up to eat, drink or use her litter box.

The most exciting development is that she ate out of my hand, not once but twice! I sit with her whenever I can, throughout the day. In fact as I type, she is sitting beside me, nibbling a late-night snack.

She is still definitely out of sorts. Does she miss being outside or is she simply recuperating? I feel sad having taken her from the great outdoors yet at the same time think that she is surely safer here inside. The streets of Jersey City certainly can't be the most welcoming place for a cat. I will protect her from nasty neighbors, the harsh weather and always provide food.

Yes food. For isn't it all about the food? Can I charm her with smoked salmon and roast chicken? What tender morsels can I offer so that she will allow me to pet her? I have heard Gerber Baby Food is popular..I wouldn't feed that to my child. Surely Mama is worthy of better!

And so I await my copy of this rare title on taming feral cats. Let's hope it works.

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