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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Change Is In The Air...

Which has actually inspired me to do something other than think of food.

Today I hosted a small phone gathering to get out the vote for OBAMA! Not one to ignore eating entirely, I had intended to serve scones and hot chocolate to the guests. As the gathering was smaller than I had anticipated, I became less inspired to bake so I was thrilled when my friend C. offered to bring along her moist apple cake (I tried to ignore the revelation that it was made with ancient baking soda from her fridge and not imagine all of the attendant flavors it must have absorbed). I even opted out of the hot chocolate, figuring that tea would be more soothing during the phoning process.

I was glad that C. and T. joined me as it made a somewhat unpleasant task seem less so. If nothing else, I have now developed a newfound respect for telephone solicitors. Some reponses were downright nasty but at least these were balanced by some fervent Obama supporters. I truly felt sorry for the woman who claimed she had just received 7 calls from the Obama campaign and after her I couldn't take any more rejection. So I am still left with a few remaining calls. Anyone want to join me tomorrow night?

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