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Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Turkey Of My Own: Thanksgiving Misgivings

No matter what we end up doing for Thanksgiving, I continue to harbor my Thanksgiving fantasy, wherein we go to see the Macy's parade and then retreat to a restaurant for our Thanksgiving meal. It would be an effortless Thanksgiving to say the least. Imagine, nothing to shop for, nothing to fret over, nothing to wash up afterwards.

My sister-in-law once even entertained the possibility with me and I am sure my niece and nephew would think it grand, but somehow this has never come to be. Friends and relations (mainly relations), seem to keep us celebrating elsewhere.

And so another Thanksgiving is nearly upon us and I vowed for it not to be anything like last year's fiasco. In fact, I will not be making Thanksgiving at my house. I will get to make a dishes and bring them along to someone else's.

The one problem with this is that I will have no leftover turkey. No carcass for turkey soup, no turkey neck to nibble. To remedy the situation, I envision simply buying a small turkey and making it over the weekend, just for the leftovers. But just as the Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, this is another fantasy that has never become reality. Maybe this year, I will make it so..

Anyone know where to find a tiny turkey (about 8 lbs. would be perfect)?

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