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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanks and No Thanks

Izzy and I were up early and just about on our way to pick up our turkey from Union Square yesterday when the phone rang. It was my friend and neighbor H., who so kindly offered to take Izzy along with her children, to the Liberty Science Center. I couldn't have been more thrilled since frankly I had no idea how I would drag Izzy with me, the granny cart and no stroller. He wasn't keen on the idea but I had no choice. I had no other way of getting that turkey, plus all of the other missing ingredients home.

After sending him off with her and her children. I rolled my granny cart along to the train station, filled with thoughts of gratitude for my friends and neighbors who seem to come through in a pinch, when I least expect it. They are deserving of more than thanks (in fact a whole post devoted to the subject) but that will have to come later. Until then, I send my Thanksgiving wishes. And the good fortune they had, of not having to sit at my Thanksgiving table. Why? Take a look...

Yes, this may have been my work area but it is still indicative of the kitchen chaos that characterized my evening. From undercooked turkey to a of frenzy of fried chickpeas and oil spattered walls, it was not a pretty sight. I am still cleaning up..to be continued...

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