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Friday, November 9, 2007

Trouble In Lunch Paradise: Izzy Didn't Eat

Miss E's side: At pick-up she pulled me aside to let me know that Izzy did not eat his lunch. She explained that he was not allowed to sit with his best friend C. because they had not been eating appropriately together. The teachers decided it would be best to separate them. When Mr. D. told Izzy to sit elsewhere, Izzy was not pleased, and therefore he did not eat.

Of course this made Izzy very sad, and me too. He was clearly very upset on the short walk home and told me he was angry at Mr. D. and wanted to throw him in the garbage. Of course I told him we love Mr. D. and he is a wonderful teacher who only wants the best for him. At that moment, on the brink of tears and most likely hungry, Izzy felt otherwise.

Izzy's side: As he told the story, he was following C. to their usual table, when Mr. D. intercepted him and told him he needed to sit somewhere else. I asked why he thought that was and Izzy said he didn't know. I asked if he ate nicely with C. and Izzy said he did. I then explained that I had heard otherwise. Izzy said that it was untrue and that his teachers needed to go to "Fibber Island." Izzy is not known to lie much himself so I am wondering what the real story is...

What I know is that I want all mealtimes to be happy times. I hope there will be a satisfactory resolution to restore lunchtime happiness for all. I hope this was just a blip in the lunchtime radar.

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