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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How Do Those Little Old Ladies Do It? or The Granny Cart Got Me

I have been steering around a granny cart of one kind or another for at least 15 years. Aside from some recent issues with faulty granny carts, I've been managing fine or so I thought. But today my granny cart tripped me up, full of salmon and fishbones and all manner of Passover ingredients.

There I was, innocently pushing it along Seventh Avenue, with Izzy pushing his owl in a stroller, full speed ahead, when the cart hit an uneven sidewalk area. I didn't realize it but I kept walking, while the cart, laden with food, lurched backwards, caught my shin and caused me to stumble most awkwardly to the ground with granny cart on top of me. Had I been alone, Izzy would not have taken notice, given that he was waiting at the corner. Thankfully M. (a pottery class mom) was walking with me as our kids zoomed ahead, and she quickly came to my rescue. I hobbled to a nearby bench and only then did Izzy and friends realize that something was amiss and turn around.

Meanwhile I had a short rest and made an assessment of the situation. Although my ankle was slightly swollen, I figured I could make it home. Hopefully it is more of a surface injury as I have been able to walk on it with only minor discomfort.

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