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Monday, April 14, 2008

Supermarket Entertainment: Better Than Goldfish

My friend R. loved to troll the aisles of Whole Foods with her two year old daughter firmly attached to her boob. Now mind you, she was not holding the child but rather had her in the kid seat, in a forward leaning position. Rest assured, modesty was no issue here. This was simply the least stressful way for both of them to get the shopping done. Needless to say, she provided much entertainment for her fellow shoppers, who couldn't tear their eyes away from her pert boobs and this unusual sight in suburban New Jersey.

Now I am no stranger to nursing in public but the scene was even a bit much for me. Particularly since I didn't want to suffer any "monkey see, monkey due" consequences. You see Izzy was nearly or maybe four and was fairly accustomed to not needing his boobie in public so I didn't want to give him any ideas. Nursing children are easily influenced by the sight of others so I quickly steered my shopping cart in the opposite direction.

I was reminded of the above scenario while reading Yummy Mummy's newest tale of shopping woes. She trumps my friend R., by baring her boobies in proximity to a gaggle of hunky firemen, lucky fellows. Much wackiness ensues as she tries to navigate the supermarket aisles. But she does get the shopping done.

In light of the latest in the annals of toddler tandem shopping, a few things have become quite clear : 1. Toddler nursing can be instrumental to a successful shopping trip. 2. Having one child sure does make shopping easier. 3. I suppose I should call myself lucky because Izzy usually waited until we left the store, wherein I was overburdened with too many bags and had to find some outdoor spot in which to awkwardly nurse him without scattering all of my purchases hither and yon. 4. All of my shopping excursions with Izzy have ultimately paid off and he now makes shopping easier. Just watch as he unloads his granny cart!

And that is only the half of it. The commentary and buying advice he provides add to the whole experience.

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