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Saturday, April 12, 2008

My Adventures In Raw Milk Continue: Cup Cheese

Each time I place my dairy order, the delivery always comes as a delightful surprise as I never remember exactly what I had ordered. This week I placed my largest order ever. I received a delivery which included some new items like goat butter, goat yogurt and most notably, cup cheese. I was inspired to order this when I heard that it was made with cheese curds like those used in cottage cheese. The curds are dried and then baking soda, cream, butter and milk are added. The whole mixture is stirring until it is exceptionally smooth. It is a traditional Pennsylvania Dutch food and I learned more about it here.

To me it is most reminiscent of melted Laughing Cow cheese. Izzy seemed reluctant to try it but has managed to spoon up a few mouthfuls. His immediate reaction was, "This doesn't taste like much." True it is extremely mild in flavor but that hasn't kept me from indiscriminately spreading it on bread and crackers. But now I understand why D. who recommended I purchase this cheese, suggested that Izzy might like his with hot and spicy oil...

Meanwhile I have been musing over using it to make an exceptionally creamy macaroni and cheese...Stay tuned.

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