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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Peanut Butter Challenge

Who has this much fun at the doctor's office anyway? Leave it to Dr. Paul Ehrlich, who seems to make all visits fun for Izzy, even that nasty old prick test. This time, he slathered some of my peanut butter (raw, organic from Amish country...do they grow peanuts there or is it bartered goods?) on Izzy's arm. We waited a few minutes and there were no immediate results.

Step two was for Izzy to eat the peanut butter, so the doctor fed at small amount to him with a popsicle stick. Then began our interminable wait in the busy (allergy season) doctor's office. We read books. Izzy drew and entertained the other patients. Then the novelty began to wane and hunger set in. When the only snack left, an apple, was gone I wasn't sure how much longer we could go on. As luck would have it, it was our turn.

The doctor took one look at him and it was clear that Izzy appeared as perky as ever. No hives, no rapid breathing, NADA. So we can safely assume that peanut products are back on the menu. The other good news is that despite Dr. Ehrlich's fear of the contrary, peanut butter is indeed Kosher for Passover.


Anonymous said...

Okay, I love this picture. So sweet this doctor. Congrats on the peanut butter. Life really is better with the nut butters kickin' around.

I think I may have solved the bacon/kosher/hot dog issue. How about trying the recipe with Organic Valley's hardwood smoked turkey bacon? We've been discussing it over in my comments section and I think that might work, although NTSC recommends using a fattier beef.

Anyway, I want a doctor like this guy. Love your pictures - they have so much heart!


PS We have so much to discuss about orgasmic birth....so much.

Anonymous said...

Can turkey bacon be kosher?