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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Bambino Eats At 'ino

He may not exactly fall into the bambino category any longer but he'll always be mine... Even as he waves away the papparazzi!

A long afternoon at pottery class and Izzy works up quite an appetite. My friend R. decided that 'Ino , just a sliver of a panini bar, tucked away on Bedford Street would be a good place to fill his belly. There is not much wiggle room inside so it is truly for the well-behaved bambini.

The menu is filled with bruschette, panini, salads and other authentic Italian wine bar fare. It is the perfect spot for a glass of wine and an appetizer or for a light meal. That being said, we managed to eat enough for dinner, Izzy saving just enough room for a cannoli on the way home.

Izzy had a smooth root vegetable soup and we shared a bresaola,asparagus and pecorino panino. I had an arugula and Jerusalem artichoke salad and my friend R. had an awfully piggy tasting sopressata and arugula panino.

'Ino is definitely a pleasurable place to stop, whether for a quick drink and a bite to eat or a lengthier meal. It is also situated on a street dotted with all sorts of offerings so you could make a grazing evening of it as well. Along Bedford Street a few places I spotted were Blue Ribbon, Chez Henri and Ditch Plains. I think I might just find myself wandering in that direction more frequently.


Angela Harms said...

It's so great to watch our kids grow up eating real food. I have older ones whose father fed them white bread and stuff, but my youngest has never been told that veggies are gross. :)

Gonna add you to my blogroll at lifelovefood.com

Izzy's Mama said...

Angela: What do the older ones eat now? How old are they? It's never too late to help change them!

I checked out your blog and see you are into raw milk too. Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

I miss New York! And I've missed your blog . . . it's good to be back!